Customized Training Plan

First 5K up to Ultra-Marathon, I will customize the right plan designed just for you. We’ll take a look at your fitness, training, and racing history, current training volume, paces, workout preferences, life schedule, strengths, weaknesses, short and long-term training and racing goals. Your plan is easily accessible by browser or phone app.

Detailed Workouts

Based upon your preferences and goals, your training plan will include a mix of varied workouts, including easy pace and long runs, steady state runs, tempo and tempo intervals, hill repeats, cruise, speed, and sprint intervals. Every workout will have your goal training zones (effort, pace, heart rate, and power) listed for you to easily plan ahead.

Strength/Core Program

My primary goal as a coach is to have healthy and happy runners. I will advise you on how to train wisely, not going too fast or too far or doing too much. We will create a runner wellness plan and incorporate mobility, core, strength training, and mental planning. We’ll also discuss cross-training, running form, nutrition, hydration, and running gear advice.

Mike is an excellent coach who understands the needs of runners and gives them personalized advice. I wanted to get a sub 2 hour finish and was looking for tips to improve as I was pretty close and somehow missing it. Mike told me to slow down during practice and enjoy the run. While it seemed counter intuitive, it did wonders on race day. It also gave me consistency on race day with equal splits. In addition to excellent coaching, Mike also makes you feel at home during runs with periodic chats and keeping it cool! I will definitely recommend him for your running!
Mike has provided me with good advice on many running topics, including easy run pacing, long run distance planning, adjusting effort  for heat conditions, adding miles to training at goal race pace, and pre-race nutrition.
Whether you’re preparing to run your first marathon, or if you’ve never run a day in your life, Michael can give you advice on training plans to help you meet your race day goals. Even if you aren’t planning on signing up for a race, he can provide lots of knowledgeable information if you have questions about running issues, injuries, shoe recommendations, watch recommendations and even running routes in your area. He makes group runs fun for everyone and is especially encouraging to newcomers to the sport.
I’ve known Mike for nearly a decade and find him down to earth, upbeat, easy going, unusually supportive and strong! Mike is my go-to for advice on injury prevention and treatment, as well as event training and planning. He’s quite committed and fearless when challenges present themselves. Ever since I’ve known Mike he’s been passionately forming or joining teams that help people of all ages and athletic abilities improve or overcome challenges.
Mike does a wonderful job of making all runners feel welcome and at ease. Joining the run groups with Mike have helped me to focus on building my own fitness and positive mindset.
I have been running with Mike for more than 3 years. He knows a lot about running and I have personally become a better runner with the assistance of his knowledge. I have the pleasure of running with Mike twice a week as he leads our run club. If I have a question, I know that I can just ask Mike and get a very good answer.
I have known Mike for over 10 years. His story is one of perseverance and tenacity. He went from being clinically obese to qualifying for the Boston Marathon in three years. That does not happen by coincidence. He got there by thoroughly researching training, nutrition and mindset. If you’re considering to use him as your coach, I recommend his unconditionally.
Run Coaching PLan


Per Month

  • FREE Consultation Session
  • Detailed Athlete Evaluation
  • Customized Training Plan
  • Workout Zone Setting
  • Strength/Core Program
  • Race Planning/Goal Setting
  • Weekly Progress Call
  • Frequent Feedback
  • Unlimited Contact
  • Phone/Email/Text/Chat/Video